A family member or loved one has just passed away. What's next?

Dealing with the death of a loved one is devastating. Unfortunately, there are many legal issues that surround the loss of a loved one. Those left behind are placed in the difficult position of determining how to transfer, inherit, or distribute property from the person who has died. Administering their estate can be a difficult and complex process that requires the help of an attorney. At Aaron Cohen Law, we strive to assist families in handling the probate process and in bringing a resolution to a challenging time for all. 

What is Probate?

Probate is the court process that occurs in order to resolve all legal matters involving your deceased loved one.  Whether a probate case needs to be opened depends on many factors such as the amount of money and type of property involved, who is claiming the property, and what form of estate plan was in place at the time of death.  Together, at Aaron Cohen Law, we can strategize your next steps for properly distributing your loved one's property according to their wishes.

A probate case deals with: 1.) transferring the property of someone who has died to their heirs or beneficiaries; 2.) deciding if a will is valid; and 3.) taking care of the financial responsibilities of the person who has passed.  If there is a will (an Executor) or if there is no will (an Administrator) is appointed by the court as a personal representative to collect all of the assets, pay the decedent's debts and expenses, and ultimately distribute the remainder of the estate to the beneficiaries.  This process is all conducted under the supervision of the court. Navigating the procedure can be daunting and overwhelming, especially when still grieving the loss of someone close.  Allow us at Aaron Cohen Law to guide you through this difficult time.  Contact us today for a free 1-hour consultation.